Almond Blossom-Serious Poem vs Stupid Poem

On Monday, as I was walking my dog around the local park, I decided to take some pictures of the white blossom on the trees. This is my best snapshot. Then, on Tuesday, I had one of those days where I had too much time on my hands, so I wrote a poem.

The first one is very serious and I’ve tried to convey how I felt about the blossom and Spring in general. The thing is, though, that I am never serious for too long, and seem to find humour in just about everything I do, so I’ve written a funny one too.  I met my friend at lunchtime yesterday in the town for a coffee, and read it to him and giggled throughout. He was not amused in the slightest and didn’t crack a smile!! I think it’s quite funny though.

Serious Poem


Fleeting flower
Delicate bloom
Scent of summer
Gone too soon
Dappled white
Pretty bough
Natures flair
Stay, …somehow

Ok, it’s not that great but it’s my first attempt.

Stupid Poem

Pete’s Feet

There was a man called Pete
That had fungus in his feet
When Spring arose
He wiggled his toes
and jumped up from his seat

(He was excited, see?)

You see,  the juice of a daffodil
Worked better than a Doctor’s pill
So every year
His feet were clear
His worries they were nil

(‘cos his feet were alright)

Then one fateful horrid day
A seed took root, was here to stay
One giant cough
His foot fell off

(Any suggestions for the last line would be appreciated???)

X Pip

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