Almond Oil-The Elixir for Hair

Sweet Almonds – A lovely tasting nut, (a drupe to be exact), that is used to produce sweet almond oil; it has a sweet taste and can be used for a variety of treatments. It is an anti-inflammatory, boosts immunity, is excellent moisturiser, helps wounds heal faster, dissolves dandruff, and can be used as a treatment for spider, varicose veins and haemorrhoids.

The uses for the oil are extensive; so I’m just going to concentrate on the sole reason I use it and why.

My neighbours come from the ‘Gujarat’ area of India where oil is used on the hair on a regular basis. I have recently written a post discussing the health benefits that can be achieved by having an Indian head massage, and the oil that is used for this purpose. My neighbour gave me some advice once about a conditioner for the hair that is used in India extensively for beautifying your tresses. It is called almond oil, which can be bought from chemists and supermarkets very cheaply; generally about £1.50 for a large bottle.

It really has two benefits. Firstly, if you suffer from dandruff or a dry scalp it provides moisturisation to the skin. Apply a small amount and massage into the hair roots and wash it off after 30 minutes. After 3 treatments, the dryness should be gone.

But the most wonderful thing almond oil does to your hair is make it glossy and smooth. This is why I love it so much. I must admit, I was very dubious about using oil directly onto my hair, because I felt it would be next to impossible to wash it off and it would make my hair greasy, but this really isn’t the case. I have even left the oil on my hair overnight and it is very easy to wash out with your regular shampoo; but try and avoid conditioner as your hair will be soft enough.

Basically, you  pour about a tablespoon of almond oil into the palm of your hand and apply it to damp hair. Now give your hair a good massage with your fingertips working the oil from root to tip for a few minutes. Ideally, get your partner or a friend to do it for you for a good 10 minutes as this will also give you a relaxing head massage. Now leave the oil on your hair for at least an hour or a bit longer and then wash it off.

Your hair, I promise, will be glossy and luscious. I usually condition my hair this way about once a month.

(Just to add…If you don’t like using the oil for this purpose it will not be wasted. It is used widely as the top oil for massages, or failing that you can fry an egg!!! ????).

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