Art Class/Stan Miller

Over the past 3 weeks at Art Class, our tutor has been discussing and showing us different artists who use different techniques in portrait painting .  I personally find portrait painting extremely difficult, so I don’t particularly enjoy it (yet). However, I really admire people that can paint a portrait.

The artist in this photograph is a guy called Stan Miller who was born in 1949, and has been painting in watercolour as a professional artist for the past 40 years. He was born in South Dakota, and trained  originally to be a commercial artist, but at college he developed a love for watercolour and has spent his life painting.

He has posted many YouTube tutorial videos, and I have included this featured one, because I think they are marvellously instructional – the biggest lesson for me is that a painting can look a bit disappointing right until the end, when it can all come together. Realising this can really help if it’s not looking good when you’re half-way through! X Pip

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