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Ash Makda my Art Buddy

I wanted to share this short article with you this evening because a good friend of mine shared his painting on my facebook page today and I think it’s that good, it needs to be seen by a few more people. The artist is called ‘Ash Makda’ and I met him on my first Art lesson over a year ago. We sat together and got on really well and have become really good friends.

Our tutor week by week was teaching us the best techniques to use when creating different paintings using a wide range of materials. I was always the delicate careful one, scared to put the paint down and just go for it. Ash on the other hand, was bold and used vibrant colour mixes. He was never worried about making mistakes and just went for it and the results were pretty impressive.

I wanted to include this painting of his called ‘Autumn Leaves’ because it incorporates his own style and boldness of colour. I think it’s great.

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