Pooped at 2

This title isn’t too explicit before you question my lavatory habits. I’ve just decided to use the word ‘Pooped’, an expression of tiredness, which is used by our American friends far more than here in Blighty. The word has been used in this instance to replace the word, that automatically comes to my mind which is ‘Boloxed’. Even though I quite like this word, I think Pooped has a measure of poshness about it and is less offensive.

Before I do use the word Pooped though, I have to use the word Bolox, because I felt absolutely well and truly boloxed today at 2 pm. I have spoken to my girlfriends about this very thing and many of them feel also quite B……., I mean Pooped at 2!

I wasn’t at work today and did a little bit of shopping and I knew that I would start to feel quite tired from lunchtime to just before mid-afternoon. I looked at my watch and it was 1.50pm, and it’s always the same, and always around this time. So my friend said she feels pooped at this time too, and my other friend said a resounding yes as an answer to the same question and so did another. So I did a bit of detective work over this last week and it seems to be affecting us, middle-aged pre-menopausal girls. It can be a side-effect of the menopause, this extreme tiredness. I also asked my mum if she felt pooped and she said that in fact she didn’t anymore, but she once did, but now she don’t (Good sentence construction) because she’s gone past this phase of her life.

This tiredness even affects me at work, and at this time it feels like an overwhelming fatigue that makes me want to jump onto the nearest chair available or horizontal surface and have a kip for 20 minutes.

Apparently, if you do these things listed below you will eradicate your tiredness and your sprightliness will return:

  1.  Eliminate caffeine… This is an important one for me because I drink way too much coffee and coke.
  2. Have plenty of sleep…This is difficult if you suffer from bouts of insomnia, brought on by the menopause. Bit of a catch 22 this one, and I’m not sure how to go about it.
  3. Eat fresh fruit and veg… My veg intake is ok but I don’t like fruit much and will only eat the occasional banana. I’ve got to work on this one too.
  4. Exercise… The biggy!.. I do absolutely no exercise whatsoever which is actually pretty diabolical considering my age. Developing bone density is common knowledge as a woman when you get older because of the risks of Osteoporosis. Only 15 minutes a day is sufficient.

There are a few more, but this is enough for me to work on at the moment. If I do all these 4 things on a regular basis, I will not feel completely pooped at 2. I’ll let you know how I get on.



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