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I had a bit of time on my hands a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to post a tweet declaring that I would comment and share all blog links that were published on the thread. I thought I’d get around 30. I was pleasantly surprised to notice that in the next 24 hours I had received 190 or thereabouts. I’d made a promise, and I fulfilled it. I thought it would take me quite a while to visit that amount of blogs. It took around 2 weeks, which I think was good going.

It served many great purposes too. I have accumulated a wealth of new ideas and some great support networks. The icing on the cake however, is that I’ve discovered some brilliant writers. This post is about these very people that I’d like you to visit too and see for yourself.

1.  P S Conway.  Life Sucks. Laugh Here. A writer that on Twitter describes himself as a ‘Transcendent yet obsequious writer spreading the love of laughter across the world’, and he really does! The first post that I read of his made me laugh so hard that I cried, with joy. He seems to have a sort of ‘Monty Pythonish’ humour about him somehow; but that’s just a personal observation. His writing is absolutely brilliant I have to say. I am a complete 100% Potterhead, and on this knowledge, he advised me to take a look at his hysterical piece of writing named, ‘Manopause: A treatise on aging and Severus Snape‘. PS Conway’s realisation that himself and Severus Snape are going through the manly menopause. Here’s the link… you have a little bit of time in your busy schedule over the next few days, please take a look at this. It’s witty and hysterically funny.

2.  Faye E. Arcand. Faye is a freelance writer, columnist, and author. She writes short stories, novels and experiences contained in her column “Auntie Says…”. I love reading her work and she gives me so much inspiration. Here’s a link to one of her posts  She writes a great deal about relationships, help for young people, looking at your own self-worth and so on…There’s so much to read and enjoy.

3.  Susan Berk Koch. children’s author, who explores and makes the reader understand science in such an interesting way. This blog is so good and I’m quite fascinated by all of her posts that I keep heading back when I want something interesting to read. I can’t get enough! She covers so many different subjects, so there’s so much to choose from. Love her work! Here’s a link to a post of hers…

4.  Janelle.  Janelle is a pharmacy graduate and describes herself as crazy and artistic. This great blog of hers has masses of interesting articles. So it’s important to head over there and take a look at the amount of different stuff she writes about. I’d personally describe her blog and writing as fun, interesting and clever. The layouts great too; catchy and colourful. Here’s a link to a post for a taster…

5.  Unwanted Life.    https://unwantedlife

I really like this blogger. A writer that wants to share their experiences in the hope that in some way it will help others. And who doesn’t want some of that from time to time? I know I do! It is a blog about the author’s own experiences with Dyslexia and mental and physical health problems. I really get this because there is so much stigma still attached to mental health, and yet it affects so many people today. Please take a look for a better understanding of these issues and advice and help if you need it. Here’s a link to a post for you to take a look…

As I stated at the outset, I really admire these writers that I have had the good fortune to come across over the last few weeks. Please pop over and take a look. You will enjoy them I’m sure x

I am a mother of two children, and have had many experiences in my life that I have been through and had to overcome. I feel it would be beneficial (at least to me, and perhaps you) to share my experiences. I’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. x


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