Cake Wrecks

There has been a programme on the TV in England for a couple of years called ‘The Great British Bake-off’. The format is about 10 amateur cooks who bake cakes, pastries and biscuits, etc, with one being eliminated until the final at the end. Anyway, in addition to this, there is another programme called ‘An extra slice’ which is presented by Jo Brand. She interviews the contestant that was eliminated that week, and asks the audience to bring in their own creations. A very funny part of the programme is where they show photographs of the general public’s attempts at making cakes and how they turn out to be a complete disaster. It’s a great part of the show, and I can’t stop laughing when it’s on.

After having a little look on the web I’ve chosen some ‘Cake Wrecks’ that really make me laugh. The ones with the bad spelling are funny.

A lesson in perspective
Ouch! Who would want to eat this?
Yuk, Poop cake!
Creature Comforts..Those teeth :))
For some unfortunate soul at their father’s funeral
Just bizarre!
For someone with a high-fibre intake
For newlyweds, or gardeners?
A hedgehog with an overbite
Maybe for someone recovering from an ingrowing toe nail
Either a dog or a horse with bad knees.
Think it’s supposed to say ‘Gobble’

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