• My Art

    Cat and Bee

    I haven’t painted for ages and decided to draw a cat yesterday being in an inquisitive mood. I have a cat that looks just like this one, but is afraid of bees so imagination was needed.        

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    Horse Drawing

    I used a different technique when attempting to draw this horse. I think it’s called ‘Cross Hatching’.  It uses fine parallel lines drawn closely together to give shading and texture. I need a little more practice though!

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    Painting Disaster

    During Art Class 2 weeks ago, we were attempting to paint Botanicals, you know the sort of thing, leaves, flowers and succulents. I love how those cute little bushes are called succulents. Anyhoo, it was downright difficult, and after many attempts I concentrated on the drawing instead and brought it home figuring out that over the next few weeks I would apply the paint slowly and be moderately happy with the result. I was pleased with my drawing, so about a week ago, I proceeded to use the techniques my art teacher had taught us. Using masking fluid, (irritating latex smelly rubber liquid that dries on the paper, thus masking…

  • My Art

    Pears in Watercolour

    I attended my first art class for the first time last week. I missed last years 10 weeks course and I really missed it. The subjects were fruit and I picked these pears but folded the paper so I had half a pear. I thought it looked better. The leaf isn’t great, but it was my first time back and I’d not painted for quite a while.

  • My Art

    Elle Sourit Dans Le Baiser/Watercolour

    I painted this watercolour big tonight so that I can put it on my wall. I used only shadows to create the faces. I’ve never used this technique before and it took me quite a while to do. It was also quite difficult, but I enjoyed painting after such a long time.

  • General,  My Art

    Bird on Tap/Watercolour

    I’ve been quite poorly with anxiety and depression over the last few weeks, but I’m slowly recovering and feeling a little better. I haven’t painted for a while, so I got my stuff out tonight and used my watercolours to paint from a photograph I came across the other day. It made me relax, and in hindsight I should have been doing some artwork whilst I’ve felt poorly. Anyway, onwards and upwards x