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    Puffin in Mixed Media

    To make the Puffin, I drew an outline in faint HB pencil. I then painting over the body in clear water, then added yellow and mixed a purple and added this also very…

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    Cat Cafe

    Cat Cafe in Watercolour. I’ve always wanted to visit one, but as yet, haven’t had the pleasure. In the meantime, I’ve painted one 😻

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    Quirky Cafe

    I took some inspiration from an artist I admire to complete my painting. I love drawing and painting buildings, but I usually rush when I do my art work and make silly mistakes…

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    Sky Scene

    I had a great art session this week. We tried creating a sky by lifting out clouds. A few errors, but I’m happy with it overall.

  • A Beautiful Day,  My Art

    Art Class Revisited

    I just wanted to share my first ever attempt at a still life painting using watercolour. I joined an art class in my home town around 4 years ago, and I remembered it…