Chunky Thighs

I have been sighing repeatedly lately as I take off my clothes and stare at my chunky thighs. To be called ‘Voluptuous’ is a nice way of saying that I’m basically fat!  I’m actually not really fat,  but definitely overweight by at least a stone and a half. I have lost one stone over the past 6 weeks, but I’m finding the rest really hard to shift.

I know jogging works brilliantly. I remember starting this form of exercise about 3 years ago for a time and I could feel the flab on my arse working hard to tighten up as I impacted the concrete with my cheap trainers. This worked on the arse flab, but creased up my left hip joint, subsequently, I packed it in and kind of regret it. I gained the weight again instead of forking out for some proper running shoes.

When you are going through the process of exercising you get into the correct frame of mind, if your young and your brains a bit more switched on that is, to warm up so that you don’t pull your back, leg, arm or anything else. This is impossible to remember when you’re an old git like me. So I started to use my son’s exercise wheel yesterday to tone up my mummy tummy, and I DIDN’T WARM UP! (Big Mistake).The wheel works by kneeling with it on a cushion and holding the wheel between two hands and rolling it forward as far as you can and then rolling it back), I rolled it too far forward and I’ve twisted my back to the extreme, therefore, serving no purpose whatsoever. I am now sitting on the sofa eating chocolate and feeling bloody sorry for myself.

And the thing is, I just don’t like exercise full stop. I saw my skinny bouncy friend in Sainsbury’s the other day with her work-out gear on, earphones in and a happy disposition. She just loves it! She’d just come back from a 3-mile jog around the local park and was buying a ‘Spelt bread with crushed avocado baguette thingy’. I felt quite inadequate and embarrassed as I looked down at the chocolate cheesecake in my basket and my size 16 pack of Bridget Jones knickers. I wish I could have the outlook she has, but I don’t think I ever will.

I’ll stick to my little and often arm stretches with cans of baked beans, a brisk walk with the dog and maybe a little bit of jogging once or twice a week to tighten up the chunky thighs, I mean arse;  actually both!

I’ll see x





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