Cold Snap!!!

This has got to be the coldest day, ever. In fact, the weather man/woman informed the British public that yesterday was the coldest day since records began. The city in which I live, has been quite lucky and only had a few inches of snow, but the majority of the country has had it so bad with drifts, road accidents and even deaths; it’s been truly shocking.

It is snowing a little this evening I noticed when I took my dog out for a walk and the roads and pathways are eerily silent. It’s just the coldness I can’t quite get my head around. I know there are countries around the world that think us Brit’s are a load of wusses when it comes to bad weather, but we were definitely not prepared for this.  I opened the door to go outside this morning and the icy coldness gave me a stinging slap in the face. Even when I take my dog for a walk, I feel I just have to rush back because it takes my breath away.

Many schools up and down the country have been closed due to the bad weather and my children stayed in bed this morning because of this, which they are happy about obviously. I had to pop into town today, and I went into a coffee shop at lunchtime. There were just 2 people in there, yet it’s usually packed out. I was very surprised, then realised as I entered and I asked for my regular latte through numb lips and frozen cheeks, that I was also one of those silly gits that braved the cold. The streets were pretty deserted and it seemed quite strange.

The weather people on the news tonight explained the whole she-bang in a scientific way about the arctic swirls of air doing this and that, I can’t remember any of it but this cold snap could continue for a good 4 weeks.

I took a couple of pics whilst out walking my dog tonight as we braved the icy temperatures. He loved it, but I could tell when we stood at the front door to come back in he’d had enough with his face covered in snowy flakes. He was cold, and he’s got his doggy coat on!

I thought a good dinner and a pudding of warming food would cheer me up, which it did.

Here it is and it was quite lovely.

PS.. Safe to say, I put on some poundage this evening!

2, yes 2! Treacle Sponges with Custard
Mince Stew with Tomato Sauce.

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