I’ve been on my half-term break from work this week, so I decided to use my time wisely and tackle the mess that is my garden.

Much better! – I was completely frazzled after digging this, though
A sight for sore eyes

I’ve neglected it in the past few years and I do regret it. I love sitting in the garden on a sunny day, as I am an out-doorsy type of girl, and a plethora of pretty blooms to gaze upon has been sadly lacking.

I addressed the problem yesterday by getting stuck in and cleaning up my garden. My climbing rose bush was the first job. After 3 years’ growth, trimming wasn’t really an option – the whole bush had to go, but maintenance will now be much easier, and the area now has a much cleaner look, too. I then dug over the soil (with a break every 10 minutes – it was such hard work!), went to buy some pots, compost and bedding plants, then spent the remainder of today doing the nice bit by filling my pots and sorting my flowers into pretty little arrangements.

Lavender, pansies, geraniums and petunias, with a bush on the right whose name evades me…

I know I’m a complete novice where gardening is concerned, but I’ve really enjoyed myself,  knowing that I’ll soon have the pleasure of sitting in my garden on a hot summer’s day, taking delight in all my hard work :-))





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