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February Shazams

I’ve had a great month listening to some lovely classical music. If I hear anything that moves me and I think is quite beautiful, I’ll Shazam it so I have it saved on my phone. Here are the ones I particularly enjoyed listening to this month.

I first heard this to the opening credits to a popular British series a few years ago called ‘Jonathan Creek’. Very macabre!

Absolutely love this one. Lutes are great don’t you think?Oh, and my cat comes and sits on my lap when I play it. And that’s the truth!

I remember hearing this ‘Saint-Saens’ piece about 18 years ago when I was a cleaner. I remember every day putting classic FM on the radio and this came on. I thought it was wonderful and you’ve never seen anyone spin around a room with a duster as quick as me that day. It has a very middle-eastern sound.

I always think of Spring when I hear this. A sprightly hopeful piece of music by Beethoven.

If anyone would like to buy me a ticket to this great man I’ll be your best friend forever. In fact, I will give you a big kiss.

This is my ringtone. My children think it’s depressing, which it is in a way. I have never heard it played on guitar and it sounds much lighter. Beautiful though, of course.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these. Please mention some others in the comments that you particularly like. I love to hear new music.


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