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Feeling Glum? Have a cup of tea :)

Do you ever find yourself feeling miserable for no reason at all? Of course you do, unless you’re a children’s TV presenter, who seem to have an over the top, over-enthusiastic approach to everything they do. Totally unreal of course!

Feeling glum and a little down in the dumps is just a part of life and can be easily remedied with my 6 things to stave off the misery of a  sombre day. The weather really doesn’t help at times and as we are approaching Autumn, lots of us feel the need to go out and spend our well-earned cash on a mood therapy light box.

Try these things first which can be all be achieved in the morning to beat the blues.

    • Start the day by giving yourself a pat on the back for managing to get out of bed, brush your teeth and put your clothes on, not only the right way round but in the correct order. This can be a chore in itself if you’re feeling particularly glum. Getting myself dressed and spruced up early gives me a purpose for the day. I definitely feel worse if I lounge around in PJ’s till 3 pm.
    • Think of a friend or a family member that you’ve not seen for a while and send them a short handwritten letter. I love receiving letters. It’s such a personal thing to do for someone because it has a hint of caring behind the thought that goes into it. On the other hand, you could buy a pretty postcard with an image of something you know they’ll like and write a short message on that. Pop down to the post office to send it and imagine their face lighting up as they receive it. Whilst in the post office buy a bar of chocolate you love. You’ll need this for later.
    • When you return home, have a bit of a clear out. Sort out all that useless crap that’s been hanging around for aeons like CD’s, DVD’s and clothes you’ve not worn for the last 2 years (c’mon! If you haven’t worn that pair of skinny ripped jeans in the last 2 years you’re not going to), and kids clothes that they’ve outgrown. I collected 2 bags of these the other day. Now deposit the whole damn lot down the charity shop, (If your despair is really excessive you can deposit a family member while you’re at it). Your home will be less cluttered and the charity shop may have some gorgeous little outfit for you to take home. It may be your lucky day!
    • Think about a favorite song you’ve not heard for a while and put it on YouTube, shut your eyes, and if necessary have a dance around your sitting room; the louder the better in most cases. Even if it’s a cheesy Abba record, get out the hairbrush and pretend to sing along like the blonde one. She was great, can you remember her?
tea photo
  • Make a cup of tea. We British know the value and benefits of a well-made cuppa. It refreshes you and you’ll need it after all your energetic dancing.
  • Turn on the TV and keep it on for only 5 minutes whilst you watch one of those stupid reality shows and congratulate yourself on the fact that you’re not one of those pointless chumps taking part in it. During this process, you are now tucking into that chocolate bar you’d bought at the post office earlier on. You can also make another cup of tea and put on a favorite film and make a day of it.

There you are, 6 activities to brighten up your day that won’t cost the earth and you’ll be walking, hopefully – in the process. The best form of anti-glum therapy you can do!




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