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Friday Night Cooking

Marguerita Pizza

For all students, skinflints and singles out there, let’s go through how to make a Pizza Marguerita, the simplest of all pizzas, that any fool should be able to get right every time.


1 pizza base
Small jar of tomato/bolognaise sauce


Spread tomato sauce on the plain pizza base, sprinkle over the cheese and place on a baking tray


Put into the oven at gas mark 5
Go and sit down for a bit while it cooks for about 12-15 minutes, or until you think it’s ready (advanced cooks only)


Expected outcome

A soft tasty pizza served with salad and a few chips.


My pizza dinner last night


Don’t use the advanced method suggested above if the television is on. It’s incompatible with the typical length of Friday night TV shows.

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