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Hand Grenade Sketch

I want to share this 2-minute piece of ultimate funniness with you this morning. Sometimes, when I share a piece of music or a small clip I tend to feel a little guilty, mainly because it consists of a small post and not a long drawn out one…but I do feel comfortable with the fact that I do write posts of thought and length. So with this in mind…..Oh for goodness sake I’m waffling again… I’ll just start from the beginning, but you do get my drift.

I want to share this post with you today because it has given myself and the boys days of laughter upon the initial viewing, and our subsequent recall about the clip and how funny it is.

Me and my son were watching ‘Monty Python’s’ The Holy Grail. This, to me, besides their other offerings, is one of the funniest films in existence. Towards the end of the film, there is this glorious sketch about the blessing of a hand grenade that will be thrown into a cave that contains a ferocious rabbit! As you watch it look out for ‘Michael Palin’s’ voice as he reads from the book of armaments; Eric Idle’s suppressed laughing, and the phrase ‘5 is right out!’. When I first watched this clip I felt I couldn’t literally breathe due to the intense laughing on my part, and my child thought it was great too.

If it’s not your cup of tea I apologise, but sometimes in life, you just feel the need to share something that you may view as a ‘Classic’.


x Pip

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