I used a different technique when attempting to draw this horse. I think it’s called ‘Cross Hatching’.  It uses fine parallel lines drawn closely together to give shading and texture. I need a little more practice though!

6 thoughts on “Horse Drawing

  1. Pip,

    The horse is so well done! It’s soft and delicate and your artistry is just beautiful in your drawing of this magnificent creature. Is s/he a friend of yours? Mona

    1. Thank you Mona. I copied it from a photograph.I have been asked to try horse riding with a friend but I’ve not plucked up the courage to go yet,but I really want to.They are so beautiful. Have you been riding?x

      1. Pip,
        I’m a native Texan and I’ve been on a horse exactly once in my life. It was much different than I expected. I always wanted to go back, but that hasn’t happened. Anyway, thank God the horse was in control because he and I both knew that I wasn’t! He was gentle is what I remember and he took me straight back to the barn without any effort on my part. I walked a little funny afterwards, too. Anyway, if you ever come to Texas, I’ll make sure that I sign us up. ~ M

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