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Horse in Pencil

This is the first pencil drawing I have ever done of a horse. A friend of mine rides horses in the USA, and she asked me to have a go. When I draw from a photograph I generally use Aviary Photo Editor to make the image black and white because only then I can see the tones of the photograph. I am still learning and wouldn’t even attempt to paint an animal at the moment because I don’t feel confident enough. 



  • Algernon Pepys

    That’s actually really good! It looks both realistic and ethereal, so your style must be very effective! It’s most impressive!

  • Roel

    Wow. Did you have a formal background in drawing? You have great hands! The light lines are superb! And yeah, I am more attracted to monochrome works. I find the lack of colors enchanting!

    I hope I see more of this!

    With love,

    • Pip

      Thank you Roel for comment. I have been taking a painting course for the past year at an adult education centre, and it has been invaluable to me. I have learned loads of techniques with drawing and painting. I do still lack confidence though, so your positivity is great for me x

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