Often the loneliness it creeps on my mind,

it covers my skin, my heart and leaves me exposed.

I walked in the crowd and felt like they knew,

so I sat alone, drank coffee alone, always alone,

The ache didn’t subside,

and the tears they fell and I felt feeble and breathless.

My confidence was ebbing with each day that was passing,

Was I loved? Was I missed?

Would I ever again reach such bliss ?

I lavished my generosity to no avail,

My love was neglected,

Yet I exist, and feel,

The scars cannot heal.



  • M.L. James

    Wow! This is raw and powerful. I’ve been together with someone and was very lonely and I’ve been alone and was not lonely. However, it always feels best to be with that one person who you can share that emotional intimacy with — that only two who are in love and know each other so well can share. There’s that ease and playfulness and strength and joy. When it’s not there, though, you are so right. The tears fall and you feel locked out of all that is around you, neglected and bleeding and exposed. Your poem resonates so much with those moments I’ve had.

    • Pip

      You are correct. All of those things you mentioned are very true, the playfulness, ease, strength and joy. When they are gone it’s like having to cope with grief. Falling in love makes you vulnerable, sadly.

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