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Prepare to be Inspired by Mark Esho

If you were asked the question, “Who inspires you?” or “Who would you like to emulate?”, what would your answer be; or could you even answer that question?

Personally, the people that have inspired me in my life are not necessarily in the public eye – they are often from humble beginnings, perhaps with a truly challenging childhood, or have overcome obstacles that were thrown at them from many sides. Sometimes, we learn about someone who has dealt with all of this, and more – as Mark Esho has.

If we are the sort of person that struggles with adversity, low self worth, a lack of self confidence or an inability to see the future as an opportunity to achieve the impossible, then the author of the book I’m featuring is definitely worth taking a look at. This is the life-story of a remarkable man who overcame multiple soul-crushing issues to rise triumphantly as an entrepreneur, community leader and benefactor of the needy. It really is worth a read.

“Mark Esho is an entrepreneur and successful business man who has achieved many awards in his life whilst dealing with tremendous hardship. He is truly an inspiration to us all because he has overcome so much from such a young age. He was disabled with polio aged just 5 years old and was told he would never walk again, yet he partially recovered. Whilst growing into adulthood he had to cope with abuse from his father with the added addition of racism and discrimination as a black disabled person. What’s so remarkable about his story, is that he prospered and overcame the obstacles that many would have found too hard to bear. He has achieved everything he set out to do, which you can read about in this marvellous book, I Can. I Will. My Story of Overcoming Abuse, Disability and Racism.”

I think it makes such an impact on our own lives if we read about someone that has proved the sceptics wrong, who has risen above adversities that we ourselves might consider intolerable.. I really do recommend this book as a great read for all of you out there that just need that little bit of inspiration.

Here is a link to his book:

‘Creativity is contagious, pass it on’,  Albert Einstein…..And Mark Esho has definitely done that!


  • M.L. James

    I’m definitely going to have to check him out! Where did you come across him, if it’s okay to ask? When I realize what so many have to go through or that have gone through, that I take for granted, it really puts it all in perspective and I’m humbled and amazed.

    Thanks for the heads up on this book!

    • Pip

      Mark Esho is a businessman and comes from the town I live in, Leicester in England. I agree Mona, sometimes our own problems seem insignificant when we read about stuff like this x

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