My Doppelganger

Almost 3 weeks ago, I was walking out of a coffee shop, and stopped in my tracks. A woman was sitting eating a pastry of some description…we glanced at each other, and smiled in total recognition. We looked exactly the same!!! I had found my doppelganger, my double, my sister from another mother.

It was really strange – a feeling I’ve never experienced. There is a saying, that’s been around for years, that we all have a double somewhere, and I know I’ve finally seen her. I thought the word ‘doppelganger’ was relatively new, yet it’s from a 19th century German word which means ‘double-goer’; an apparition or a double of a living person.

What I  cannot quite get over with the situation is that we both knew we looked exactly the same; total strangers in total acknowledgement.


Fag Ash Lil, or whatever her name was!!!

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