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My Favorite July Shazams

I love Shazam. I’ve written a post about it before. It’s a great little app where you direct your phone to the music source, and it picks up the tune and tells you what it is. I use it when I’m driving; safely, I may add, by keeping my phone on  the passenger seat beside me facing the radio. Then when a tune starts to play I don’t recognize, I press the button and it picks it up for me. It’s really good.

During July, I have used the app quite a bit and would like to share with you my top 5 Shazams of the month. They consist of songs I’ve not heard of for a very long time, new one’s and a current song that gets me jumping around the living room with my kids dancing and being a bit silly 😉

Number 1: The Beatles, And I love her. I absolutely adore this song and when it came on the radio I was singing along to it with Gusto! (He went back to Mexico last week :P). I think this is one of ‘The Beatles’ loveliest songs, and it’s been on my brain all week so that I am humming it constantly.

Number 2:   Vivaldi Concerto for guitar in D Major, John Williams

I have heard this piece of music before many times in the past, and I think it’s gorgeous to listen to. I have a feeling it’s from a film, but cannot think what it is. I could be wrong.

Number 3: French Montana ft Swae Lee, Unforgettable. I love this catchy song. Watch the kids dance in the video they are really great, and I love the singer’s voice. This is the one me and the kids dance to in the sitting room. Great fun x

Number 4: Patti Griffin, Crying Over. Oh how I love this song. She has such a great county voice, and the song is very sad, but beautiful.


Number 5: Christina Perri, Jar of Hearts. I’ve not heard this for a long time, and racked my brains trying to remember who sang it. I love this girls voice, she sings so powerfully and I think this is a great song. Sometime or other we have all probably been in this situation one time. We fall in love with someone and we get treated like dirt. But we become strong now, don’t we ladies! xx

X Pip

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