My Heart Can Talk

 Unrequited Love

I have a heart that’s been slowly broken

I longed to hear words that were never spoken

I craved an embrace on a deserted beach

A kiss of love, a caress on my cheek

A weekend away, a flower, a gift

A birthday surprise, a note of sweet nothings

The freedom to call, to knock on your door

To paint you a picture to place on your wall

To sit well with your friends and the ones that matter

But I’m now at the end of your rambling chapter

The memories are vivid, they make me tearful

I think of the laughter, it doesn’t ease them

A hope of commitment, a life of peace

A book, a drawing, a journey of learning

My soul mate, my life, my goal, my heart

I reach out to catch, it falls apart

I tried, I gave, I changed, I loved

It became too much, I could never compete

When my living ends and I have my last thought,

You will be there my love, for keeps 

By Pip

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