My Weight Watchers Diet / Kallo Chocolate Rice Cakes.

I stepped on the scales the other day and was not pleasantly surprised. I was downright mortified. I really need to lose at least a stone and a half, so I’ve joined ‘Weight Watchers’ and downloaded the app. This diet plan has worked for me before, and I can highly recommend it. I seem to have let the weight creep back by being complacent with my eating habits; I now need to take back a bit of control.

I’ll let you know how I get on, and will also post any low calorie food items that I feel are good value for money and tasty enough to mention.

Anyway, these rice cakes are really good value for money. You can buy them at Tesco, but if you have a ‘Poundland’ shop in your area you might be able to get them for a bargain price. I love chocolate, and absolutley crave it when I’m trying to lose weight. These things are covered in a thin layer of chocolate which is substantial enough to give you the chocolate kick you require. I ‘pointed’ them on my app, where they scored 3 Pro-Points per rice cake, which is pretty good.

I tend to feel peckish in the evening, so I’ll usually have one of these and a banana (no points!), and they do the job by stopping me scoffing anything else.


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