Pee Shy-Not a Chance!

Don’t you just relish those lovely moments in life when you can call a friend and partake of a lunch arrangement at a quaint little café for a spot of catch-up conversation? Or maybe arrange a meeting in a bar for something a little stronger with a group of friends to have a giggle whilst eating small foodstuffs.  Alternatively, knocking back some cocktails at a trendy new establishment with posh food;  taking in the atmosphere with great music,  and then getting up to have a little dance when you’ve had a few.

I like those moments, in fact, I relish them. There’s a certain niceness about meeting in a place to chat that makes you feel comfortable, taking in your lovely surroundings and clinking your drinks and saying cheers!

This is where I want to have a conversation!

So imagine my surprise today, in a bar of sorts, when I decided to visit the ladies and entered a cubicle with two toilets within. So I take a step back and look at the door sign. Nothing,  apart from a chalk-scrawled piece of writing asking the question, “Are you a chatterbox?”

   “Errrr, yes actually I am,” I said to myself.

                          “Carry on your conversation in this toilet together” It announced.

                          “No kidding!” I replied.

So this is a novelty if ever I saw one. You can go to the toilet with a friend, have a pee together and continue with your convo that you had in the bar. If your pee shy, (you can’t pee because someone’s in the room), you’re just not going to be able to get your head around this anyway. But if you do want to carry on with your chatter, or meet some stranger for the first time, you can have a pee together in adjacent toilets and …… well…I’m just lost for words.

I’ll definitely give this piss-time a miss; I mean past-time  x

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