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Diary Entry-02/11/2017-It’s Christmaaassss!!!

It’s Chrissstttmaasssss!!!! As Noddy Holder shouts from the popular festive tune that is on a permanent loop around the glittery tinsel adorned time of year. For me, this has got to be one of the best Chrimbo songs that’s ever been written, but that’s just a personal thing. My mother loves Stiff Pilchards (I mean Cliff Richards) ‘Mistletoe and Wine’ bless her. The only song in the world that forces me unwilling into the shed outside to vomit the whole of my Figgy pudding and custard into the nearest bucket. But it’s not actually anywhere near Christmas yet, is it?

So, Imagine my surprise today as I entered my local Costa Coffee in the town centre and, (Hang on, just diverting a little and reminding myself that it is only the 2nd of November) has begun as of today, their Christmas countdown. There was a, dare I say it, QUEUE! and the Mariah Carey song ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ was playing quite loudly. The girl that was serving was in an excellent mood, and when I asked her for the reason why the Christmas theme within was starting already, she said that it was just one of those things and the, dare I say, QUEUE!! was 15 deep when she arrived in the morning.

I was not really in the spirit of Xmas when I entered, but the small festive food morsels, staff wandering about singing and the whole atmosphere of the place would have melted any Scrooge-like heart. I was quite overcome with merriment and sat down with my Latte and took out my book.

Just 2 minutes in, good old Shaky (Shakin Steven’s) came on singing his well-known cheesy offering ‘Merry Christmas, Everyone!’. I never liked this one much, but after the first couple of lines I felt movement under my table and noticed my foot tapping to the beat. I was shocked. Then I glanced around the room and noticed a few more people tapping their feet and I kind of melted and felt all warm and fluffy inside.

6 Weeks to go! X

PS…Ok, I just couldn’t resist. I was Errrrr, 13 when this came out!

PPs… I bet your tapping your tootsies 😉

PPPs..I fancied him

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