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Stonehenge-Don’t Laugh

My friend thinks that this painting is laughable, but considering it was my first attempt at a building, well not a building, more of a stone circle, I think it’s not too bad. You know the saying – ‘There’s never been a statue erected in honour of a critic!’


  • M.L. James

    That’s really very cool! So did you draw from a picture or did you get to set up an easel and work at Stonehenge? That is definitely one of the places to visit on my bucket list! Mona

    • Pip

      Hi Mona. It was one of my first paintings at art class. A friend of mine laughed a great deal at this attempt, because the shadows are all wrong, but I was new to painting. I’ve always quite liked it. I used a photograph, but I did visit stonehenge when I was about 10. We passed it on the way to the south coast for a holiday. It’s quite strange to see it though, because there a roads around it which kind of detracts from the atmosphere. I think if you do come to England any time it’s worth taking a look, and because it’s such a small country there is so much to visit within short distance form each other. I recommend Stratford upon Avon x

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