That awkward moment when…

Image result for awkward moments…. ask someone for help in a supermarket or store and realising they don’t actually work there. (I’m always doing this)

…. you go to a friends house and their dog won’t stop sniffing your crotch.

…. pretend you are looking at something else in the supermarket aisle when someone is standing directly in front of you.

….you ask┬ásomeone when their due date is then they inform you they are not preggers! I’ve done this about 3 times ????

….you laugh at someone’s joke out of politeness but don’t actually get it. Then they ask you if you got it and you say No! ( I’ve learnt from this one I just tell people I’m rubbish at getting jokes)

…. you’re walking up flights and flights of stairs and someone is right behind you and your wheezing like a 60 a day smoker but pretending you’ve got the stamina of Usain Bolt. (I just tell people to overtake me…).

….you’re having a detailed conversation with yourself and then realise there’s someone upstairs.

….you open your car door and accidentally hit the car next to yours, and there’s somebody in it.

….┬ásomeone waves at you and you wave back but realise they were waving at someone behind you.

I do all of the above and probably many more.


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