The Contents of my Humongous Handbag

I was reading a really well-written article the other day by another blogger. She used the title ‘The contents of my handbag’ and listed such a range of diverse objects it really made me giggle. So taking up the same idea, I’ve decided to share the contents of my handbag with you because I need to de-clutter the bloody thing. It weighs at least 5 pounds in weight and I’ve got to the point where I cannot find anything within it. My partner sighs now when I delve into its cavernous depths to try and find things, so it’s now becomeĀ a chore when I have to search for my stuff.

I’ve tipped the whole lot out into two piles, consisting of necessities and crap:

The important stuff:

Car Keys


Glasses case (containing a pair of cheap reading glasses from the pound shop. These need chucking)

Small hair brush

A piece of kitchen roll

A carrier bag

One power bank (without a lead; how pointless is that!)

An extra mobile phone

One Pen

A Camera

One lipstick and eyeliner

French phrase book


The Crap:

17, yes 17 till receipts from shops

5 other lipsticks (I need just the one when I’m out)

Spot concealerĀ (Handy, but not necessary)

3 more small notepads

A small plastic pockety thingy that should contain a small pair of scissors and a nail file. It is empty, therefore useless.

2 more power banks, still without leads

An empty tube of handcream

A pencil and 2 more pens

6 paperclips

3 fluffed up polo mints (Vom!)

A playground whistle, that I only need when I’m at work

An out-of-date library card

An empty liquid bottle for my e-ciggie

14p in coppers

A broken plastic fidget spinner

A Tin of beans (Yes, really, I forgot to take it out earlier on)

A pair of earplugs that only work in one ear

One earring

A quarter bag of teddy bear Haribo. Been there 2 weeks!

and lastly, a third of a small can of hairspray, which I don’t really need.


This article has served a very good purpose. It’s enabled me to clean out the crap and my bag is at least 2lbs lighter.

Go for it; have a clear out!


X Pip





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