10 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day

So life can be pretty crap at the best of times. We may be going through money worries, health problems, work problems and love, or the lack of it. A feeling like we could be doing more with our lives or doing less, because we are experiencing some sort of work-related burnout. Or maybe, beating ourselves up every day because we may worry that we have spoken out of turn to someone or done something wrong and upset a family member, friend or a partner.

To have negative feelings and be self-deprecating is not good for our well-being. However, to be positive and to look at the good stuff we have done each day can’t be a bad thing. I was looking at some questions written by a blogger related to the positive stuff we can glean from our everyday lives.

See what your answers would be…These are mine

1.. What did I learn?... I think we can learn something new everyday just about, as long as we are, out and about, (In bed with the flu is a no-go). There may be a chance to learn something from a friend or a work colleague, or we may have read something interesting. I learned something new today, whilst at work. I was taking care of two SEN children this morning and we headed to the hall with others to engage in some interactive play and conversation. The teacher used some great tips and games to gain the children’s confidence with talking in a group, and we only used a dice. I learn something new with every school I attend. It was a good day!

2..Who did I love? …Well it’s downright difficult for me to love at the moment because in my past I’ve been treated rather crappy and..well, I could go on but it will just bore you no doubt. However, I have definitely loved both of my boys today for their great parents evenings the night before.

3.. What am I grateful for?…Sometimes I definitely lose track of this one because life is so busy and you just plod along from day to day. But today, upon reflection, I am grateful for my health and realising that even though financially life is tough for me at the moment I am still OK, so that makes me incredibly grateful. Oh, and not forgetting my close friends Louise and Nicola who have given me a shoulder to cry on and laugh with.

4.. Who did I listen to?.. Vanity is a most undesirable quality, and hopefully, I can safely say, I have never possessed it, apart from when I was a teenager and discovered makeup and hairspray and tried to look like Madonna by gazing at myself in the mirror constantly posing and pouting. But I was 16, so I’ll let myself off. When I reached the age of 45 I stopped doing this, once the wrinkles appeared, and vanity left me since that day. I do consider myself to be a very good listener however, which is not vain, just honest. So I make a point of always being there for my friends if they need to sound off and moan etc. That being said, I didn’t have an opportunity to listen to anyone yesterday as I was very busy, yet I think it’s important to make time for people.

Actually my mum was having a bit of a rant when I popped in for my lunch break today, and I was kind of listening and not, which was quite naughty. I’ll remember next time to take in more of the information she gives me about the stray cats in her garden, Dave next doors bad leg, the new guest on ‘Loose women’, last nights plot on Coronation Street, Tony’s bad back (he’s the guy down the road), the price hike of cottage cheese in Sainsburys, the holiday competition at Lidl,Ā  and the guy at the garage round the corner who keeps parking on the car park space in front of her house. I was kind of listening see, because I remembered the basics.

5..How was I challenged?.. Difficult one this! I suppose because we are all different a challenge for one person can seem mountain-like, and for another it’s a piece of cake, depending on the situation. I was challenged by getting out of bed this morning at 7 am, freezing cold and not having any milk to make a coffee. A miserable morning to cope with before work, and then scraping a ton of ice off my car windscreen, and a ton inside, because I have an old car with myriads of air holes that lets the cold air in. That for me was a challenge, but I’m a lightweight, so to a hardy soul it would have meant nothing.

6..What made me laugh today?.. Laughing, as you know, covers a multitude of miserableness, and if laughing is sadly lacking in your life then pop on a ‘Laurel and Hardy’ film, or something similar. So what made me laugh today? Absolutely nothing. I’ve been a miserable git all day šŸ™

7..Who did I connect with?..Some of these questions are a little cheesy I must say. Did we connect with someone on a higher plain of intelligence, or a connection of like-minded souls discussing the benefits of the Greggs vegan sausage roll, or even experienced a connection of deep intense love and satisfaction. Is this what the question is supposed to mean?! Mmmmm, not sure! I cant say that on a daily basis I connect on a gratification level with that many people, yet on the odd occasion I may meet someone new and click. You know the feeling?

So in a way, I did connect with someone today, a lovely lady who was a fellow teaching assistant at the new school I was working at. We are now friends, and she is quite clever, because she’s on the gifted side and creates decorative head coverings and uses pretty ways of wearing the hijab for Muslim ladies who want to attend weddings etc. So yes, we connected.

8..How did I grow?..Well in a literal sense my son grew, about 2 inches over the last month or so. I noticed his trousers looked shorter this morning and required of me to let the hem down this evening (I hate that job). I haven’t grown for about 32 years and remain 5 ft 4. I think the questioner requires an answer to growth in the sense of character building, career journey or personal growth. Did I grow today? Well, not quite, yet I have grown in my ability to paint a leaf more accurately by watching a Youtube tutorial, so I suppose yeah, I have in my creative output. Stems and all! (Boring geek!) I’ll say it before you do.

9. What did I share?..The saying from my school days ‘To share means to care’. How often do we teach that to our little ones, and it’s good to share our feelings to partners, our last Rolo (a long tube packet of circular chocolates filled with caramel that have been sold in Britain for a very long time. The tagline for the advert was ‘Do you love anyone enough to give them your last Rolo?’) and our time and chips etc. I honestly haven’t shared anything significant over the last day or so, only a few rich tea biscuits with the dog and half my toast. My dog always wants my food, and more so when I’m on a diet, hence the plain biscuits.

10.. How was I vulnerable?.. Goodness I’ve felt vulnerable so many times lately I’ve lost count. Vulnerability can be really uncomfortable and soul-destroying. It can make us feel weak and out of control of our circumstances. I have felt vulnerable today but the reason is close to my heart, so I cannot share it….x

How would you answer these questions?

I am a mother of two children, and have had many experiences in my life that I have been through and had to overcome. I feel it would be beneficial (at least to me, and perhaps you) to share my experiences. Iā€™d love to hear your comments and suggestions. x

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