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12 Ways to Boost your Confidence and feel Beautiful

I am not beautiful by any stretch of the imagination which I can confirm by myself and those that know me. I am overweight, not excessively so, but I definitely have a bit of pudding around the middle. I have pretty crap skin on my face that is prone to pimples and I’ve always had dark circles under my eyes which have given me a tired and washed out look. I don’t consider myself to be overly feminine even. I  don’t feel a need to take weekly visits to the manicurist, hairdresser, and Spa.  I haven’t got the money for all that rigmarole anyway, but even if I did, I don’t think it would be a regular thing on my list of important things to do; I’d rather buy a pack of paintbrushes or take my kids to ‘Nando’s’. I can scrub up quite well when I’m required to do so, but I’ve always been a kind of Tomboy, and feel so much better in jeans.

I have been told however that I do possess the qualities that I consider more beautiful than physical appearance and that is a caring and generous nature, calmness with friendliness and a personality that will help someone out even if that means I may suffer from the consequences etc. You know the sort of thing, give a friend in need your last fiver and so on.

I wanted to write a list of all the things that make me feel beautiful, either physically or emotionally. When I sometimes feel down and have to contend with low energy levels (this has to do with fractious sleeping patterns) I’ll do this stuff, because I know it will perk me up.

1…Something I did today that I rarely ever do. It’s Sunday and instead of buzzing around the house trying to get everything cleaned, organised and out of the way so that I can go to work tomorrow knowing that it’s all been done, I did it all yesterday instead, and I’ve spent the day totally relaxing and it’s been really great. I’ve been practically horizontal all day apart from popping into the kitchen and making tea and sandwiches.

2… I think sometimes we can unwillingly be around people whether family, friends or lovers that can drag us down. Have a few weeks break from them if you can. This may seem a horrid thing to do but you have to take care of yourself and if another human being in your life is causing you angst and you have the ability to take a break from them then do it.

3…Arrange to meet a good friend for a coffee and a spot of lunch and be determined to have a good giggle.

4…If you feel your life is getting into a rut, search the web and find some local adult education facility and try and get on a course. It doesn’t really matter what you learn, which can be beneficial if you want it to be, it’s more about meeting others and making new friends. I attend 2 courses at the moment and during this time I’ve made some lovely people.Some of the students on my course have admitted that the reason they joined it in the first place was to build up some confidence and meet new people; two are retired, one is a mother who needed a change of scene and one is, well it’s me! I need it too x

5…Buy a new lippy! I have a fetish for lipsticks and you don’t have to spend too much. I bought one the other week from the ‘MUA’ brand it was only a ÂŁ1. Colourtrend from Avon and Primark have lipsticks for ridiculously low prices.

6…Go for a long, long walk and get your heart beating.

7…Slather yourself in ‘Palmers Cocoa Butter’ body lotion. You’ll feel fabulous and smell creamy and divine like a bar of milk chocolate. Your partner, if you have one, may want to ravish you and this may make you feel fabulous too. But you smooth it on primarily because it makes you feel good and that’s the whole point.

8… Have a bubble bath in subdued lighting, I would have suggested candles, but you will not see your pages and you may slip in the bath (I’m all for health and safety) and read for a couple of hours, or until you can no longer cope with feeling like a prune. ‘Along Came Betty’ bubble cream or ‘Imperial Leather marshmallow’ bubble bath will make you feel squeaky clean and quite fluffy. An added bonus to this is to make a fresh bed with cotton sheets. Ahhhhh bliss x

9… Have a healthy eating day and drink water only. I actually think this really works and makes me feel quite wonderful, or it could be just psychological who knows? but a day eating fruit, munching raw veg and drinking milk and water makes me feel pretty good.

10…If you are alone and are feeling particularly morose try and find something on the TV or Youtube that you know will make you laugh. Anything by Monty Python, Blackadder or Have I got News for you usually works for me. Oh and clips from the comedian ‘Lee Evans’.

11…If you know someone that loves you, ask them to tell you that they do. A woman needs reminding that she feels loved and cherished. I do! I live alone so do not have this pleasure, however, my labrador comes up to me and wags his tail and gives me a paw, but I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that this is a ploy and he wants a shortcake biscuit.

12…I love doing this if I have time. Grab some almond oil, about a tablespoon. Rub between your hands and massage into your hair for a few minutes. Next, comb through and leave for at least an hour, or better overnight. Wash out with your normal shampoo and your hair will be soft, shiny and it will feel glorious. I have many Asian friends who recommended doing this years ago to me and it really does work and Yes, the oil will wash out! If you have someone in your home that can give you a head massage and apply the oil for you so much the better.


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