30 Blog Post Ideas

Are you new to blogging? At first, you no doubt had ideas galore to write great articles about. If you have the most interesting life on the planet, your ideas will flow from one day to the next, without let-up, and you’ll be posting near enough everyday! Unfortunately, the majority of us, haven’t got interesting lives and we will hit the brick wall that is called the dreaded ‘Writer’s Block’.

It’s frustrating as you struggle to come up with an original idea. You may look at other blogs for inspiration and try to adapt a subject around your own niche.

Here are some ideas for blog posts if you’re in a blogging rut!

  1. Your day in photographs
  2. A letter to your best friend
  3. Book review
  4. Interview someone that inspires you…(a friend with an awesome talent or skill)
  5. A regret
  6. The best thing you ever did
  7. Photographs of your hometown with its history
  8. A personality trait you love and why
  9. Where you would like to be in 10 years time
  10. Your favourite recipe
  11. An opinion about something controversial
  12. Share one of your secrets
  13. Your hobby
  14. Do you collect things? (Share some photos of your stuff)
  15. Interview a local business
  16. How to do something on a budget
  17. Who inspires you and why?
  18. What fictional character would you like to be for one day and why?
  19. Post some jokes (people love to laugh)
  20. What you do when you have a day free
  21. Things that make you smile
  22. Trip review
  23. Something you have struggled with, and how you overcame it
  24. Things you do that make you feel good
  25. If you had 3 wishes
  26. Something you’re glad you learned at an early age
  27. Something you wished you’d learned
  28. What makes you laugh
  29. Talk about a person you love and explain why
  30. Your favourite quote and what it means to you

I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration x


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