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Bauble Woolly Hats for Cats (I mean Christmas Trees!)

This is a lovely idea for making tree decorations for your Christmas Tree. I went into my regular school placement on Monday and was greeted by a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling wrapped in tinsel with these cute little woolly hats hanging down on strings of cotton. It reminded me of those mobiles you can buy for your baby that hang over their pram and provide them with hours of visual entertainment.

They looked really difficult to make and I asked the teacher for the know-how on putting them together. It’s quite simple. In fact, it’s that simple my mum made 4 of them yesterday in record time and she can’t stop. She’s buying balls of wool until they’re coming out of her ears. It is addictive.

Materials you’ll need: Wool cut into 10 cm strips, cardboard loo roll, scissors and lots of patience.

Step 1… Cut the loo roll into about 4 pieces. Use one and get one piece of wool doubled. Now thread this through the inside of the cardboard and push the two pieces through and pull tight. It’s probably easier to get the gist by looking at the diagram below.

Step 2…Do this with all the strips of wool until you have the cardboard completely covered. 

Step 3… Next, you need to push all the pieces back through the tube on the inside so that they come out the other end. Do this a few pieces at a time else they will get stuck.

Step 4…About 2 inches up from the top of the rolled piece, tie another piece around the wool and make a knot. You then cut off about another 1 cm above this to make the frayed pom pom. Use some of this extra wool to tuck into the hole underneath to bulk out out the hat shape.

Step 5… Secure another piece of wool just under the pom pom again to make a loop to hang on to your tree.

The finished product

PS.. I hope you enjoy making these. They do look really lovely and cute don’t you think? And they are not as hard to make as you imagine. I found another quirky use for one earlier and placed it on my daft cat’s head this morning when she was dozy!

PPS… I tried to put one on the Labrador, he just wouldn’t have it. And why would he, the boys got fashion sense 🙂

PPPS… Cat No 2. Not as tolerant!!

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