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Cambridge at Christmas

Two days after Christmas day, I went on a two day break to Cambridge. The weather was coat cold, but not glove cold, so it was tolerable enough to look around for four or five hours per day without feeling uncomfortable. One of my most favourite things to do in life is to visit cities with old buildings; to walk around them, in them and though them, if I’m lucky enough. If I go for a few months without doing this thing, I’ll get out my brushes and paint them. In fact, if I ever earn enough money I’d like to live in one, but that’s a long shot!

Cambridge is only about 60 miles away from the city where I live so it was very easy to get to on the Thursday morning after the 25th. I stayed in a reasonably priced hotel which included breakfast, and was about a 20 minute walk from the centre of the city. Both days were really great. I walked along the river Cam near the ‘Trinity College’ area, visited the Fitzwilliam museum, the museum of Archaeology, Peterhouse college (which was open), and walked around many more that were unfortunately closed, yet seeing the architecture was enough.

The town was full of history, so much so, that in fact I couldn’t take it all in. You could hire a punt with others, which I didn’t, and get a tour of the colleges under the direction of students that I gathered were in charge. There was also lots of places to eat, cheap and expensive, and plenty of coffee shops. Cambridge had everything going for it and I needed a few more days to see more, but I’ll definitely return. I will visit again in the summer time as I think the atmosphere will be better, with warmer days to lounge around the river, whilst taking in the sights of the colleges.

Here a some photographs of my trip. The days were very grey. so I used the brightness on my phone to make them look better. I hope they look OK.

This was an entrance door to ‘Kings College’. I even love old doors, or gates or whatever they are called.
Kings College
A building next to ‘Kings’. I don’t know what this was, but it’s beautiful. The whole of Cambridge was like this.
A side street. How lovely is that, with the upper window jutting out!
The Fitzwilliam Museum
The entrance of Fitzwilliam Museum
The grounds of Trinity College. I couldn’t enter inside which was a shame
Trinity College
Peterhouse College. The gardens were lovely too.
Peterhouse chapel. The oldest college chapel, 11th century
This is where you can board a punt on the river Cam
The Mathematical bridge, which is very, very old.

As you can see from the photographs above, the buildings are very old and beautifully ornate. Imagine being privileged enough to study here? I want to visit Queens next time, Jesus, Claire and so on. There was not enough time to complete the circuit.

Here are some links to the various buildings I have included:



If you ever decide to visit England, please come to Cambridge, you will adore it.

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