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Diary Entry-07/04/2017-One of my Perfect Days

What a perfect day is all about…painting in the sun!

I love days like today. The weather in England over the past few days has been sunny and warm. I have also had a really good day at work, doing lots of playground duty in the lovely weather, for a change, whilst playing with the children. All the staff then received an Easter egg for all the hard work we’ve been doing at the school. I came home, munching my Easter egg in the car as I couldn’t wait any longer (I am a chocoholic!). Once in the house, I made a cup of tea, got my watercolours and art equipment out, then sat outside in the sun painting for a good hour, whilst talking to my neighbour over the fence. 

Days don’t get much better than this.
Pip 🙂

PS  My two week half term holiday starts today, added bonus ????

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