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Low Calorie Treats

I’ve been losing weight now for around 3 to 4 weeks. It’s been manageable using the ‘WeightWatchers’ online app, and this provides me with the motivation to keep going. If you look at the NHS website, it states that a man needs 2500 calories a day to maintain a good healthy weight, and a woman needs 2000. If either take off this amount 500/600 calories a day, then it states that you will lose on average 1 to 2 lbs a week. What’s really good about this slow weight loss, is that you get used to eating this way, therefore eliminating the need to pile all the weight back on when you’ve reached your goal.

I’ve personally lost half a stone over the past 3 weeks, so my diet plan is working just right with plenty of walking included. Here are some ideas for breakfasts, lunches and dinners that I stick too throughout the week.

(Not to be eaten all in one sitting by the way, just choose 1 a day from each section)..;)..As if you would……!

Breakfast ideas: Porridge made with water and a little milk, 2 weetabix,Ā  2 shredded wheat, fruit and low-fat yogurt, eggs cooked without fat (boiled, scrambled, poached etc) on 1 slice of medium sliced bread. All bran or branflakes cereal, 2 slices of bacon grilled with fat removed, tomatoes, mushrooms and eggs cooked without fat, alpen cereal bar or sardines on 1 slice of bread toasted,

Lunch ideas: Jacket potato with cottage cheese, or tuna and a little mayo and sweetcorn, ryvita crispbreads with cottage cheese, or low fat cheese spread with salad. Any fish poached or steamed with salad or vegetables, low fat soup such as weight watchers, (choose a soup with at 100 calories per can or less), dry fry peppers and mushrooms and add them to half a packet of couscous (these are great and very tasty) or sliced cucumber, carrot, pepper sticks dipped into low fat houmous. Quick stir frys using fry-light spray instead of oil, adding prawns or chicken with vegetables and oyster, hoisin, chowmein or plum sauce. Careful with the noodles or rice; only a small amount.

Dinner ideas: Any lean meat fat removed, served with loads of vegetables and 2 or 3 small potatoes, stir frys, stews cooked with lean meat and vegetables. My low-fat spaghetti bolognese and salads with chicken, turkey or fish. Please limit potatoes to 2 or 3 for a meal if it includes them.

It’s really about just being mindful about the way you cook your food too. I love cannelloni, lasagne, curries etc, but I tend not to eat them when I’m slimming because I know that they’re full of cheese and white sauces made with butter etc, hence too calorific! A curry can be made but fry the onions in fry light and use lean meat. Also be careful of the portions of rice and pasta which can load on the calories to your daily amount.

I’ve written this post with the intention of giving you some really good advice and suggestions on what sweet foods you can eat as a snack once a day. I have a large sweet tooth, so these are not necessarily healthy snack choices; they are ideas to help you to get your chocolate or thereabouts fix once a day, if you need one!

If you haven’t a need for these sorts of treats then eat as much fruit as you like, just go easy on the grapes!

x Pip


Penguin Bars-106 Calories each.
Bourbon Biscuits-68 Calories each. Brands have different calorie ranges, so please check.
Nakd cocoa coconut bar-132 Calories.
Fibre One Chocolate Fudge Brownies-90 calories each. I love these!
French Fancies-107 calories per cake.
Hartley’s Jelly-70 calories per pot.
Popchips-120 Calories.
Proper Corn Snack=115 calories per bag.


Snack a Jacks Rice Cakes-62 calories for the chocolate one. Similar amount for the other flavours.
Calipo Ice Lolly-77 Calories.
Skinny Bars-99 Calories each.
Party Rings-29 Calories each. I could eat the whole packet so be very, very careful with these!
Rich Tea Biscuits-1 Biscuit 36 Calories (you could have 3 with a cup of tea)
Muller Light Yogurts-1 pot 99 Calories.
KitKat-2 Finger 106 Calories.
Blue Riband Wafer Bar-99 Calories.



Aero Mousse-93 Calories per pot.
Quavers-88 Calories per average bag.
Jaffa Cakes-2 at 92 Calories
Alpen Light Bars-66 to 67 Calories.

I am a mother of two children, and have had many experiences in my life that I have been through and had to overcome. I feel it would be beneficial (at least to me, and perhaps you) to share my experiences. Iā€™d love to hear your comments and suggestions. x


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