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My Current Favourite Apps

I’d like to share with you the apps I’ve downloaded recently. Some of them I think are really good.

1…Swiftkey Keyboard

This is a great keyboard app that you can use on your phone. It recognises quite quickly the way you type and gives you suggestions for words after you’ve typed the first or second letter. It’s great because there’s no faffing around with constant random suggestions that you don’t need and therefore taking away the embarrassment of constant typo errors. You can also choose languages that you want to use and it will suggest ‘Bonjour’ when you really want to only type ‘Bonjour’, not Boudoir, Bon Jovi tour or Bonjela, or any other random awkward letter formation.

2…Words with Friends

A great game app, which you’re probably aware of, for all Scrabble addicts. You basically play scrabble with random people that the game suggests that may be at your level, or you can request other users for a game. It’s very enjoyable to play, however, you will come across the bighead who can make words with 70 points or more. These people must be cheating or they are genius. Anyway, have a go, I really like it.

3…Photo Editor

Do you ever get up some mornings and feel old, your skins full of pimples, your hair looks like a scarecrow and you look in serious need of a face full of botox. Use this app to upload one of your selfies and create flawless skin and Hollywood looks. You know you don’t really look like this, but it will make you feel better.


I love this app. You upload one of your pic’s and you can use the features to make images of the styles of different artists. Just a couple are Daryl Feril and Mondrian. There are loads choose from and mess about with. Try ‘The Scream’ with your own photograph, but it may freak you out!


I’ve used this for ages and I really like it. You can type in basically anything and it will give you an answer. For instance, ‘How to make a sweater for a dog?’, or ‘4 ways to make yourself poop?’ or ‘5 ways to make your man happy?’ Well, foods at the top of that list but I knew that anyway. It’s a really interesting and enjoyable app to use, and it’s also good fun to mess around with and ask it silly questions.

6…Daily Art

If you love art and painting then this is for you. Every day there is a painting that it shows you and gives a description of the artist, the year of painting and the background behind it. If you like learning about stuff, and I certainly do, then you’ll think this is great. You can go back to the archives and read up on all the ones that were posted days and months before.

7… Quik

This is a great app that has been recommended to me. I’ve used it a little but it has many features that I’ve still to investigate. You want to make a video, then this will do it for you. It’s really good.


If you have a thirst for knowledge then the curiosity app will satisfy it. There is a subject trending every day, and you have a choice of different subjects and sub-articles. It’s vast and absorbing. There are Science and Technology, Amazing Places, Food and Culture, Personal Growth etc. Anything you want to know about, it’s on there. ‘Sleep versus Exercise, What’s more important’, or ‘Keep conversations flowing with the Ford method’ are two of the subjects trending today, but you can ignore this and pick and choose your own. I love this app, I could be on it for hours.


The language app that was recommended by my French tutor.  It starts at the very basics with your language learning and takes you through the lessons with repetition and voice pronunciation. It only lets you progress when you have completed the levels. It’s very precise and accurate to use.

10… Joke Book-3000+ Funny Jokes in English

I love to laugh and who doesn’t? I admire anyone that can retain a joke and bring it out into the open to entertain me. Unfortunately, I don’t possess that talent, so I have to read them, and there’s some great ones on this. This app is really good as it gives you a selection of all different types of jokes, such as one liners, funny puns, animal and so on. It’s really very good. If you find the joke funny you can share it with your friends through different social media.

Happy Apping!!!!



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