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National Trust Newbie

For any of my readers that are not aware of what the National Trust is in Britain here is a little explanation. The National Trust is a registered charity that was founded in 1895 to preserve places of historical interest or natural beauty for the nation to enjoy. It conserves and opens to the public historic houses, gardens, industrial monuments and mills and looks after woods, forests, fens, farmland, moorland, nature reserves, coastlines and old villages.

I visited Calke Abbey a while back. See my post

I was overwhelmed with how lovely it was and what a great organisation the National Trust really is. The cost for entering the house was £15 per adult, but if you become a member of the trust and pay a monthly subscription of £5.20, you can gain entry to any of the trust’s places of interest in Britain or Ireland with your membership card. I think this is a bargain because there are hundreds of great and wonderful places you can visit. If you join now you receive a free book with everything the National Trust offers and a free pair of binoculars. So I have now become an official National Trust Newbie and I’m very excited by the prospect of visiting loads of great places in the country this year.

Here is a link the Trust’s website.


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