Useless Products

I was reading an article the other day about stuff people buy that’s absolutely useless. You know the sort of thing, gadgets and crap that serve no purpose whatsoever, yet people buy them for the hell of it. Lots of them can be found in the Betterware magazine (home-ware shopping catalogue), thinking they will save time, yet it can take that long to set up the contraption, or whatever it is, that it would have been quicker to do it the traditional way. Examples include a special plastic lettuce knife and board, dedicated to lettuce only. What’s wrong with a normal knife? Or the pepper-corer – a plastic implement to push into your pepper and twizzle,so you can extract the twizzled bit. Bizarre. Just cut the bugger in half and scoop it out, for goodness sake…

Here are some useless items I’ve been looking at over the past few days.

I hope they make you laugh. Enjoy x Pip

The kind of thing my neighbour would install. And he hasn’t got a dog.
Stairs to give you nightmares. I would have a broken neck in less than a day.
It takes up to five minutes of constant spraying to freeze any object of this size. What fun.
Batteries, elegance and utility not included.
If you have a good fibre intake, this is not necessary.
No comment.
Designed in collaboration with muggers and burglars.
(Absolute genius! Where can I get one!?)
Abominable. I’d never see my cats again.


For people whose 12 fingers refuse to work together.


And finally, something useful…


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