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I bought some pencils last week because I fancied trying my hand at some drawing for a change, instead of painting. I drew my other cat today, and I’m quite happy with the result.


  • Joanne Mullaney

    I just found your message to me because I am just now messaging off my you take commmissions? how i would love for you to draw or watercolor a horse in some way.they are magical creatures that are one with our souls

  • Jason

    Hi, my name is Jason, I am a Chinese student in China studying English. I like to draw colored pencil pictures too. I think your picture is great, I like it a lot.

  • Lois Harach

    How much do you charge for a pencil sketch of pets? Our 15 year old puppy needs a professional artist’s rendering. I sketched him once & my husband did the critique all through the drawing(at my request). He told me I was spot on, but I still feel so insecure about my abilities as an artist…

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